Abraham Lincoln Lesson Plans

by Gordon Leidner of Great American History

Grades 6 to 8 Lincoln Lesson Plans

Grades 9 to 12 Lincoln Lesson Plans

Overview of Lincoln Lesson Plans

The world has been fascinated with Abraham Lincoln for over a century. Undoubtedly this is a result of his leadership during the Civil War--the greatest crisis in American history. This war, which threatened to tear the Union in two, could have been the beginning of the end of democratic government on Earth. But Lincoln, the small-town country lawyer from America’s heartland, stepped forward not only to save the nation, but also to abolish slavery.

Today, we esteem Lincoln as a leader of faith, integrity, and determination. We recognize him as one who fought his way up to the highest office in America—without the benefit of wealth or formal education. We value his state papers, speeches, and letters as eloquent testimony of statesmanship and noble character. For decades since Lincoln’s death, people have acknowledged that his life is an excellent example of what determination, faith, and industry can accomplish in America.

The Great American History Lesson Plans utilize a short biography of Abraham Lincoln, plus selected quotations from Lincoln's state papers, speeches, and letters to familiarize the student with Lincoln.

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