Great American History (GAH) provides free educational articles, research paper ideas, lesson plans, and quizzes on the American Civil War, American Revolutionary War, and Abraham Lincoln.

GAH is divided in to 4 main subject areas:

Revolutionary War Outline

In our Outline of the American Revolution you will find easy access to other websites that cover various topics on the American Revolutionary War, organized in "Outline" fashion. This outline presents the people, battles, and significant events of the American Revolutionary War in an organized manner for educators and students. It is an excellent research tool.

Civil War Outlines

In the Outline of the American Civil War you will find easy access to other websites that cover various topics on the Civil War, organized in an easy-to-use "Outline" fashion. This has been a popular tool for educators and students of the Civil War for over twelve years.

Civil War and Abraham Lincoln Library

In the "Civil War and Abraham Lincoln Library" you will find free educational material on the subjects of the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. The library includes:

GAH Blog

In the GAH Blog you will find suggestions on how to study the American Civil War and American Revolutionary War, utilizing free educational material from this website, as well as others. Topics discussed are how to select interesting research paper topics, how to write term papers, and how to prepare for exams.

In addition, we provide two Quizzes on the Civil War: The Beginner’s Quiz, which can be used to test your basic knowledge on the Civil War, and The Research Quiz, which can be used in conjunction with the Outline of the Civil War for a more in-depth test. Answers to both quizzes are provided.

Lincoln Quotes Book

On the Lincoln Quotes page you will find information on a book written by the web author on the subject of Abraham Lincoln quotations and speeches.

About the Author of Great American History

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Gordon Leidner has maintained the Great American History website since 1996. Since then, GAH has been visited by thousands students, educators, homeschoolers, researchers, and writers seeking free, quality material on the American Civil War, the American Revolution, and President Abraham Lincoln.

Gordon has been a lifelong student of the Civil War and the American Revolution. His accomplishments include:

  • Member of the Board of Directors for the Abraham Lincoln Institute
  • Author of 4 books on Abraham Lincoln, including the popular Abraham Lincoln: Quotes, Quips, and Speeches
  • Author of a new biography of Abraham Lincoln entitled Lincoln's Gift: How Humor Shaped Lincoln's Life and Legacy
  • Author of several academic articles on Lincoln’s role as a Transformational Leader
  • Author of many published articles on the Civil War
  • Guest Lecturer at The Smithsonian Institution and Johns Hopkins University
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  • Former president of the Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia
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